Welcome to Total Health Solutions!

We invite you to get to know the Total Health Solutions approach to health care utilizing chiropractic care, lab assessments, nutrient therapies, health coaching, exercises, and physical therapy, among many other things.  All this is done in a warm and caring environment.

We provide every potential new patient the opportunity to CHECK IT OUT before you decide to trust us with your health care!

You may have questions about assessments, treatments, philosophy of care, cost of care, etc.  We are happy to answer all your questions by phone or in person. 

Simply call us at 651-429-0101 to ask us questions or set up a COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION.

The Total Health Solutions Difference:

A disconnected experience results in expensive assessments you didn’t want, and treatments that, in your heart, are missing the mark.  An experience like this takes a lot of energy and can be extremely aggravating.

That is why our top priority is listening.  When seeking help, not everyone seeks the same thing.  Your experience with us should not only be right; it should fit you.  It needs to be the path you ultimately want to take.

If you have ever had a “my way or the highway” experience, you know what we are talking about here.  Your experience should fit your comfort level, your values, your abilities, your desires and ultimately your pocketbook. 

That is why we take the time to tell you your options.  When it comes to assessments and treatments, there are many possible ways to proceed.  You should have your options presented to you and be enabled to prayerfully consider the path that makes the most sense to you!

Some people assume that all doctors are the same; but they are not.  Just like your experience differs with restaurants, auto mechanics, and even police officers, your experience will differ from clinic to clinic! 

There are 3 things that make our work at Total Health Solutions unique.

  1. We don’t work because we must. We do our work because we love it!  We love our patients, and we love our work.  Celebrating every patient success never gets old!
  2. The treatments we offer do not just make you make feel better. The treatments are intended to make you better, not just cover up symptoms.  When your body functions as it was designed to function, you will feel better!
  3. We don’t just treat your ailing part. We treat you.  This is important because your entire body works together, like the parts of an orchestra.  For example, a dysfunctional foot, ankle, knee, or low back can contribute to a bad hip.  If it’s not all happy, you won’t be happy.  That is why we are called Total Health Solutions!

This is a big one for us.  And it should be for you too.  The most important component of ALL health care is first this: Do No Harm. 

Although Invasive treatments like surgery can sometimes be worth the risk, it can permanently change your anatomy and have unexpected and deleterious side effects.  Invasive drugs can sometimes have more possible side effects than the symptoms you are presently experiencing.   We do refer patients for these options when necessary; but some treatments should only be used as last resort. 

That is why we will always recommend that you exhaust your “noninvasive” treatments first, before considering any invasive options. Our effective clinic and home treatment options of chiropractic, therapies and nutraceuticals are always safe, comfortable, and noninvasive.