Established Patients

If you have not been instructed to fill out these forms, this page is not for you. 

Welcome to our established patient page.  Our doctor loves the value these forms bring to your assessment.  These forms provide two immense values: 1. They are inexpensive, so they do not increase the cost of your assessment.  2. They provide your doctor with a great deal of needed information that is priceless toward his assessment of your physiology.  These forms are intended to cause you to “call to mind” elements of your history that may be responsible for your health today and could be helpful for the doctor to know.

Although these forms are extensive, we do not want these forms to become a source of stress for you.  Fill them out thoughtfully and to the best of your ability.  If the questions on the forms cause you to think of something that you want the doctor to know, but there is no place to express it, do not hesitate to write your thoughts on a word document and send that to us along with these forms.  We are in the listening phase of your assessment; and we are all ears!

After you send these forms, it will be time to schedule for your exam and lab tests.  Please call the clinic at 651-429-0101 between 7:00-5:00 Monday through Friday to schedule the next phase of your assessment.

Established Patients Forms