This Web Page is for people with complex issues that may require a COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION to discern their best options before making any financial commitments.

  • A COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION may be very beneficial to potential new patients.  Many potential new patients have questions they need to have answered before they commit to seeing us. They are not sure where to go for help or if we will be the best fit for them.  They have questions about, philosophy of care, cost of care, and about assessments and treatments we offer.
  • A COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION may also be very beneficial to our doctor as he advises you.  When he meets a potential new patient with complex issues, he is not sure what examinations, lab tests, or treatment options he will recommend.  Taking time to listen and talk things through with you helps him narrow down his recommendations for you.
  • We seek the best relationship possible with you.  A COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION provides a way for patients and our doctor to CHECK IT OUT before we each commit, honoring our new relationship in the best way we know how. 
  • If this is something you think you may want, simply call us at 651-429-0101 and ask for a free consultation.